A dream come true: Life on a pink pony farm

There is a yard by the lake and in the yard circle Milla Paloniemi is brushing a fjord horse foal. The name may sound familiar, and it is familiar, as she is perhaps best known as the creator and draftsman of the Kiroileva Siili (“The Cursing Hedgehog”) character. Half a year ago, Paloniemi decided to realize her long-term dream of her own pony farm and moved to Teisko, Tampere. – I have been a pony girl all my life and finally got my own farm and horses! The exceptional times may have given a little extra kick to the end, she says. The farm currently has four residents: the young Icelandic horses Kromi and Vessaharja, the fjord horse Hali and the older Finnish horse Onni.

– My friend said that in Germany there is a saying “das Leben ist kein Ponyhof”, which roughly means that life is not a pony farm (in Finnish, maybe it’s Dancing with roses). I wonder what if it is? Paloniemi states. – That idea gave birth to this place. Now I plan all kinds of activities and activities that I will implement later.

Paloniemi’s enthusiasm for writing and drawing, like many other young horse enthusiasts, came from reading Hevoshullu, the Finnish horse magazine, and especially from the cartoons of the Swedish draftsman Lena Furberg. Furberg’s drawings are incredibly detailed and the stories are easily captured. The former pony girls and boys are now largely in their thirties, but basically horse madness doesn’t even start to wear out. – You should definitely feel more in the mood! Especially Lena’s older comics, like Spring Primrose, My Friend Gray, and a very long time ago, still give me goosebumps, Paloniemi sighs.

You can follow Milla Palonimi’s and Ponifarm’s news in some and at life-is-a-pony-farm.com.

Life is a pony farm
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