Significant rule changes to the modern pentathlon

The International Federation of Modern Pentathlon UIPM has published changes to the rules regarding the equestrian portion of the sport, informs SRL. The biggest change is the previously published information about the replacement of riding with another, as yet unspecified species. This will happen after the 2024 Paris Olympics. The matter was voted on in the UIPM Congress, and a clear majority of the international membership supported the change, so the matter will move on to further preparations.

However, riding is still involved in 2022-2024, and several changes to the rules aimed at developing the riding are coming.

The Finnish Fencing and 5-Match Association prepared its own proposals for amendments to the UIPM in co-operation with the Finnish Equestrian Association. The Finnish Fencing and 5-Match Association is quite satisfied with the result, where the rules have been modified closer to the rules of the sport.

– We feel that the changes are mainly good and will improve the well-being of horses and the safety of horses and riders. We did not get through all the changes we proposed as such. For example, the barrier height is lowered less than we would have liked. The new obstacle height is 110 cm, when our wish would have been 100 cm. We also got through the use of a steward in the rules, but unfortunately it did not become mandatory, says Janne Saarikko, Executive Vice President of the Finnish Fencing and 5-Match Association.

Examples of other changes:

  • even the first fall or derailment results in rejection (previously only the second); a rider who has dropped out of the warm-up may only continue after the first aid staff has checked his condition
  • third refusal leads to rejection (formerly fourth)
  • the tempo requirement is reduced to 350 m / min (previously 375 m / min)
  • track length 10 obstacles including 2 double sets (previously 12 obstacles, one double and one triple set)
  • in the warm-up area, there may be no more than six riders at a time in the obstacle course
  • the veterinarian now also assesses the horse’s mental condition and ensures that the over-stressed horse does not compete (previously only assessed for physical fitness)
  • in the future, two veterinarians will be required if the warm-up and track are not side by side
  • the use of your own saddle is prohibited (own stirrups and straps are allowed)
  • the ride is held in one round
  • each athlete must have their own horse, eliminating the need to use a spare horse based on the events of the first course;
  • the rider is not allowed to receive outside oral help (previously allowed)
  • the athlete may be disqualified for safety reasons, for example in the event of an equipment breakdown
  • resistance longer than 30 seconds leads to rejection (new rule)
  • spurs have been added to all regulations about the excessive use of whips
  • use of the whip limited to a maximum of three times per situation (new rule)
  • the minimum obstacle height for qualifying competitions is set at 100 cm for seniors
  • the organizer has the option of prohibiting the use of a whip and / or spurs on any horse
  • clapping the horse at the end of the track is mandatory.

The UIPM will also later provide guidance to national sports federations on the criteria for granting an athlete a riding license.

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